LGBTQ Scholarships

LGBTQ Scholarships

The cost of college increased quite a bit in recent years, which led to more and more students looking for scholarships. Though some are only for $200 to $500, others are worth a larger amount. Many scholarships are suitable for specific types of students such as the top LGBTQ scholarships. Organizations offer these scholarships for students who face more challenges than their peers do. You may need to pay for your entire college experience on your own because your parents refuse to help or because they will not help you apply for financial aid through the FAFSA.

As you look at the LGBTQ scholarships listed below, pay special attention to the due date. This is the final day on which the organization will accept applications and any information needed. You’ll also want to look at who can apply as some scholarships only accept undergraduates or upperclassmen. Some scholarships are only open to those who major in specific fields or subject areas too. Keep in mind that you can apply for multiple scholarships to earn even more money for school.

Check out all the top scholarship opportunities for students who identify as LGBTQ+ and apply as soon as possible.

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