Behind the Scenes at Pandora

Live Out Loud went behind the scenes with Pandora! LGBTQ+ students and their allies from all over the city packed the room to hear from an incredible panel of four out Pandora employees — from reckoning with their identities in their youth, the nuanced challenges and rewards of coming out, and the ways they never expected their careers and lives to evolve.

Behind the Scenes at NBCUniversal

Live Out Loud got an inside look behind the scenes at NBCUniversal! LGBTQ+ and allied students lined the conference room to hear from six amazing out professionals who do all sorts of work at NBCUniversal. They shared openly their experiences with coming out, accepting themselves, and how they’ve seen the world change for LGBTQ+ people throughout their lives.

Behind the Scenes at Facebook

On October 16th, 2018, Live Out Loud got to go Behind the Scenes with Facebook! After snacking on pizzas and refreshments as we answered questions on our name tags, the students got to learn about Facebook’s LGBTQ+ initiatives, and their participation in Pride marches around the world. They learned about how Facebook has become a place where people are able to connect and create LGBTQ+ groups for different hobbies, sports, and support groups.

Behind the Scenes at Johnson & Johnson

Visiting Johnson & Johnson makes you realize how much one company can make up so much our everyday lives. With global brands like Tylenol, Benedryl, and Neutrogena, it’s no wonder that this company has such a large and diverse staff in the tri-state area alone. Last week, Live Out Loud gave LGBTQ and ally students from across NYC the opportunity to meet the people who market and develop these products, as they talked about being openly LGBTQ or Allied in the workplace. As it turns out, the employees of Johnson & Johnson are really just as caring as their marketing suggests.