(From CenterLink) 

CenterLink is an international nonprofit organization and member-based association of LGBTQ centers and other LGBTQ organizations serving their local and regional communities. They currently have over 290 member LGBTQ centers worldwide providing essential services, promoting growth, wellness, and connectivity in their communities. A fundamental goal of CenterLink is to help build the capacity of our member centers to address the social, cultural, health, and political advocacy needs of LGBTQ community members across the country and the world. CenterLink plays a vital role in addressing the challenges centers face by helping them improve their organizational and service delivery capacity, access public resources, and engage their local and regional communities in grassroots social justice movements.

Film: Disclosure

(From Netflix) 

According to a study from GLAAD, over 80% of Americans don’t personally know someone who’s transgender. That means most people learn about trans people from the ways they’re depicted in movies and TV.

From executive producer Laverne Cox and director Sam Feder comes Disclosure, a documentary that chronicles over 100 years of trans representation on screen, from silent film to Dog Day Afternoon, The 40-Year-Old Virgin to Pose.

LGBTQ+ Scholarship Resources

(From Affordable Colleges) 

There are many colleges who want to cultivate a diverse student body by providing scholarships for LGBTQ students, as well as LGBTQ professional, regional and leadership organizations that fund LGBTQ students working toward their educational and career goals. Take a look at the following scholarship offers designed for applicants who proudly express their unique experiences in the LGBTQ community.